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Slideown it today and protect yourself This performance is the first in the world. Siren7 is certificated by Department of Transportation.

A sound
to prevent roadkills

Promotional price: $70

Operates with wind power 900 feet range of action

The Siren7 signal is traveling with the speed of sound, across trees and bushes and the darkness of the night, alerting the wildlife about our presence.

The engineers have fine-tuned it in a way that neither the passengers nor their pets hear a thing.
SAFETY at night and day

Slide Range at 90 km/h speed Siren7 range The numbers speak for themselves.
In fact, they shout.

984ft Previous wildlife alarm systems
Siren7 Previous wildlife alarm systems
Volume at 90 km/h speed 120 dB volume

Slide 0 Numbers of wildlife collisions with Siren7

Slide The brand ambassador of Siren7 is Pál Győrfi (Ambulance Service spokesperson), who is committed to fighting againts accidents. He has encountered wildlife collisions many times during his career, which is why he stood by our cause to draw attention to the importance of prevention. Feel completely

Slide With the 3M joint development, our VHB stickers enable you to install our device at the front side of your vehicle without leaving a permanent mark. The Siren7 does not require a power source. The installation was never easier.

Slide Our special designers spent a great deal in developing the futuristic and unique exterior. It took nearly a year for our group to fabricate the outer shell, based on various aerodynamic principles. Our design will
totally amaze you

Slide We have paid close attention to our product’s durability. The Siren7 will serve your safety, even during the worst weather conditions. H2OK

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